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Tuesday March 31st 2015

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  • Brighton Gin – Raoul-style!
    A couple of years ago, I was in Oman, running a Management Audit course for a dozen  employees of a well-known petro-chemical conglomerate. The group they had sent me was the usual mix of nationalities, religions and language abilities. Years of practice meant that I could judge how difficult or easy the week was going to [...] […]
  • The Greeks – they’re just like us!
    First published  17th March 2015, The News Hub…. The relationship between the European Union, the Eurozone and Greece is no different to the relationships between many governments and their own citizens. The EU-Greece relationship is no more than a macro model of what is currently occurring, for instance, in the United Kingdom. Let’s face […]
  • EU urges Greece to ’stop wasting time’ on reform
    (Reuters) – The head of euro zone finance ministers has urged Greece to “stop wasting time” and buckle down to serious talks and implementation of a reform programme to secure urgently needed fresh funds from its international creditors. “Little has been done since the last Eurogroup (meeting two weeks ago) in terms of talks, in terms of [...] […]
  • Camron and Karney the Head Banker – A Fable
    (A government FAILS to persuade bankers to lend to the common people.) The Gates to Economic Recovery and New Prosperity were being guarded by the Bankers. A tired and bedraggled band of travellers stood before them. They were led by Camron, the legendary economic illusionist and Prime Minister of the Ukshire. The Chancellor Gideon, the Cabinet and [...] […]
  • Blue or Red corner?
    We are constantly being reminded that that the May General Election, rather than being an ideological battle between the two usual suspects, it is much more open…..but is it? The main two protagonists have been standing toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring for some months now…but it is is the Blue Corner’s “second” who is twitching [...] […]
  • #Islamic State – Cause or Effect?
    After the mess left behind in Iraq, Libya and Syria, Western leaders appear to have realised that the days of a “good shooting war” being good for political image have gone forever. For most political leaders, heroic speechwriter-polished phrases and Churchillian posturing are a remnant of a past when the words ” honour” and “bravery” [...] […]
  • The Truth About IMMIGRATION
  • The Paris Love-in.
    The Summer of Love, Woodstock and now Je Suis Charlie…….. Love-ins are doubtless very motivational, inspirational and emotionally regenerative but unfortunately, they carry with them a large dose of exponential decay. Other demonstrations such as Solidarność worked because they were not-only inclusive but they also hinted at revolution and violence……..underc […]
  • The coming of Social Unrest
    Social Unrest has little to do with Democracy or Government. It has everything to do with uneven & unfair Wealth Distribution and hungry people. See Italy and Greece…… It WILL happen elsewhere, especially in the “We’re in this Together” “United” Kingdom. […]
  • The BIGGEST scandal of all
    We have had many scandals in the UK. By far the greatest is that a country which (on paper) is one of the Top 10 richest in the world has a need for food banks. […]

Snapshots for 26 April, 2012

Next Post4:12 pm Do we in the UK have any proof that OUR judicial system and the quality of our police investigation is any better that anywhere else. For instance.....Portugal?

2:08 pm Chronic "overbuild" means that America has about 40 million so-called McMansions which no-one wants!

10:17 am Record number of Scottish firms go bust as Britain remains in grip of the worst financial crisis for 80 years:

10:14 am Accepted Wisdom used to be that the Soviet Union would never collapse. There were economic and political problems compounded by an unequal distribution of wealth. It is therefore surprising that those circumstances of 20 years ago do not appear to resonate with Eurozone politicians.